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Unlocking Mass-Market ADAS with AI-enabled Sensor Processing

May 30, 2024

By: Abhay Rai, Chief Product Officer, indie Semiconductor Automotive safety has been a persistent challenge in the industry, with fatal crashes claiming lives at an alarming rate worldwide. While legislation and enforcement play a key role in addressing this issue, …

Driver Safety and Automation

Distracted Driver Awareness Month

April 24, 2024

Distracted driving at 55 mph for five seconds is the same as driving with your eyes closed the length of a football field. Let that sink in. In honor of April being Distracted Driver Awareness Month, let’s address the importance …

Driver Safety and Automation
Graphic showing driver engagement and vehicle assistance

Keeping an Eye on Alertness with Driver Monitoring Systems

December 4, 2023

Michael McDonald, Director of Marketing In-cabin monitoring is essential for enhancing safety, security, and the overall experience for vehicle occupants. When it comes to safety, vision-based monitoring plays a crucial role in helping to reduce potential accidents, improving emergency response, …

Driver Safety and Automation
Photo of a road with areas highlighted for safety and danger.

Improving Driver Safety with Advanced Signal Processing and Color Filter Arrays

November 6, 2023

By Michael McDonald, Director of Marketing Image processing and vision-based sensors are fast becoming critical components for driver safety features. Reading traffic signals, street signs and lane divide colors accurately is essential to a vehicle’s ability to process information for …

Driver Safety and Automation
Photo of an electric car driving on a road, surrounded by AI sensors.

ADAS Sensing Architectures – Distributed or Central?

October 16, 2023

By Chet Babla, SVP Strategic Marketing With driver assistance and driving automation requiring multiple sensors and real-time processing, ADAS electrical and electronic system architectures will be challenged by scalability. The societal benefits of greater driver, passenger and road user safety …

Driver Safety and Automation
Photo of the cabin of an electric car.

Illuminating a Better Driving Experience with LEDs

September 19, 2023

By Vincent Wang, VP of Sales and Marketing, Asia Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are a versatile, physically compact light source with a long operational life. They are also extremely efficient, far more so than incandescent bulbs, with high-brightness LEDs (HB-LEDs) …

In-Cabin User Experience
Photo of a person plugging their phone on charge.

Delivering High-speed On-the-Go Power, Reliably

August 29, 2023

by Michael Wittmann, SVP and GM, Power Delivery Business Unit Charging. Charging. Charging. Consumers today have an insatiable demand for power away from the home or workplace to keep their personal devices charged and connected to entertainment, work applications, and …

In-Cabin User Experience
Aerial photo of a car driving on a forest road.

Our Commitment to Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

June 26, 2023

by Donald McClymont, indie Semiconductor CEO and Co-Founder Whether it’s addressing the global challenges of climate change, supply chain security or ensuring the well-being of employees, partners and local communities, companies have an obligation to go beyond simply meeting the …