Creating More Engaging In-Cabin User Experiences

Automotive journeys today are defined by more than just traveling between locations safely and comfortably. The consumer mobile device revolution has set expectations of performance, seamless integration, functionality, customization, and engaging experience that drivers and passengers now demand from their vehicles.

And while the in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system and instrument cluster are often seen as the primary elements of the digital cockpit, many other applications contribute to the overall in-cabin user experience (UX). This includes, interior lighting, device power delivery and wired and wireless charging, device-to-IVI interfacing and a multitude of electronics-controlled utility and comfort functions collectively create an immersive experience consumers are seeking.

Our technologies enable automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to deliver best-in-class and differentiated in-cabin UX. Our comprehensive suite of semiconductor and software platforms supports applications ranging from interior lighting, wired and wireless device charging, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, cabin comfort, and safety control functions.

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White icon of car exterior lights.


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Power Delivery, Device Charging & Interfacing

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In-Cabin User Experience Products

Interior Lighting

The criticality of exterior lighting has been a fundamental aspect of vehicle design. However, in today’s vehicles, in-cabin lighting has become key to enhancing the UX for occupants, helping to create an atmosphere suited to the context of the journey, style preference of the vehicle owner or the mood of driver and passengers.

Many OEMs are now using lighting as a unique brand differentiator, and actively promote the ability to configure and personalize cabin lighting to consumers. This has driven the need for advanced semiconductor-enabled LED technologies and smart lighting control systems.

indie offers advanced LED controllers that enable intelligent lighting systems, replacing today’s discrete component solutions with highly integrated, and fully featured MCU-based single-chip solutions. Our products focus on low power consumption to ensure OEMs can create innovative lighting features without the LED limitations associated with thermal constraints.

Interior of an electric vehicle


Driver for High-power LEDs

Exterior Lighting

Whether it’s better illumination of the road ahead or reducing concerns about the impact of headlamps on other road users, exterior lighting can make a significant contribution to the driver experience.

Solutions for highly controllable and precise illumination used in combination with beam-forming techniques, for example, can create an adaptive driving beam (ADB) that provides precise illumination of the path ahead while minimizing dangerous glare for oncoming drivers. Adaptive headlights are available on select vehicles in Europe and Japan and the National Highway and the Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has announced a ruling that permits automakers to add ADB for U.S. vehicles.

ADB and other applications such as dynamic turn signals and dynamic positioning lighting use matrix-based LED designs that switch individual LEDs on and off independently. And indie is at the forefront of developing advanced semiconductors that support this precise, ‘pixel-level’ control.

Our exterior lighting controller SoCs feature very high levels of integration to significantly reduce the requirement for external components – minimizing footprint, driving down system costs and power overheads, and simplifying and speeding application development. Smart features and a variety of operating modes in our innovative solutions ensure more robust and reliable operation by reducing vehicle network data bus traffic, while also and supporting dynamic lighting effects such as turn signals without the need for external controllers.

Front headlight of an electric car


Precision Matrix LED Controller for Exterior Lighting

Power Delivery, Device
Charging & Interfacing

Vehicle occupants want a seamless experience when connecting their personal mobile and portable devices with their vehicles. This demand for a vehicle UX environment in the car that consumers are already familiar with on their portable devices is driving OEMs to implement interfacing technologies such as USB and Apple CarPlay. Not only does the interface experience need to be convenient but also allow occupants to safely use their devices while enjoying the full benefits of the in-vehicle infotainment system.

OEMs also recognize that providing wired and wireless power charging infrastructure for the driver and all passengers – front and back of the cabin – is a fundamental consumer expectation both for mobile phones but also higher power devices such as tablets and laptops.

indie is rising to this demand as a leading provider of solutions for Apple CarPlay, USB hubs and power delivery. Our products are developed with a focus on maximizing integration to reduce component count and lower cost system design while minimizing power consumption to prevent thermal and physical design limitations.

Two USB C ports inside a car.


Highly Integrated Dual-Channel USB Power Delivery System

Smart Connectivity Interface

The automotive megatrends are redefining vehicle requirements for in-cabin connectivity to create holistic and functional safety and entertainment experiences. OEMs must leverage smart connectivity to offer the advanced features demanded by advanced driver assistance systems and in-cabin functions such as infotainment, audio and video transport and device interfacing.

indie’s smart connectivity products include high-performance single- and multiport video converters (USB Type-C and DisplayPort, respectively), retimers with best-in-class receiver equalization, and USB Type-C Port Controllers (TCPC).

Our industry-leading products are compliant with the latest DisplayPort, HDMI, USB, and other interface standards, supporting higher resolution, deeper color, faster response, and enhanced signal quality for seamless video conversion and retiming.

Photo of the dashboard of an electric vehicle.

In-Cabin Experience Products

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