To develop cost-effective automotive semiconductor technology that delivers best-in-class in-cabin user experience, accelerates electrification, and enables the pursuit of the uncrashable vehicle.

Advancement through innovation

Innovating safer, cleaner and more engaging automotive experiences

As a ‘pure-play’ automotive semiconductor company and one of the industry’s fastest Autotech innovators, indie is solely dedicated to developing the advanced silicon-based solutions demanded by new and emerging vehicle designs.

In today’s automobiles, semiconductors perform a variety of functions across multiple electronic components and systems, including sensing, processing data, storing information and converting or controlling signals.

Semiconductor architectures vary significantly depending upon the specific function or application of the end product. They also differ based on a number of technical characteristics, including the degree of integration, level of customization, programmability and the underlying process technology utilized in manufacturing and assembly.

Automotive Megatrends

While semiconductors have always comprised the core building blocks of automotive electronic systems and equipment, recent technological advances have substantially increased their features, functionality and performance.

Today, they support enhanced user interfaces and offer improved power consumption — all with reduced footprints and lower costs. These innovations have resulted in significant growth opportunities spanning diverse end markets and applications.

The three megatrends driving the automotive semiconductor market

Driver Safety and Automation

The adoption of advanced driver assistance system (“ADAS”) and driving automation functionality to improve road safety and strive towards higher levels of vehicle automation

In-cabin User Experience

Consumer demands for engaging, connected and convenient in-cabin user experience (UX)


The increasing electrification of vehicle drivetrains leading to the rapid proliferation of electric vehicles (“EVs”)

Customer Success

We are passionate about solving customer problems with our unique combination of automotive-specific technology and engineering support.

We work in true partnership, creating highly integrated and holistic solutions that deliver new levels of performance and comply with all relevant standards while dramatically reducing component count and cost

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Fast-growing story of success

indie is a rapidly growing company, both through acquisition and organic team expansion. With the guidance of proven leadership, we’ve been – and will continue to be – dedicated to advancing semiconductor solutions that are highly integrated, cost-effective, and qualified to meet the stringent safety and quality requirements for established and emerging automotive applications.

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300+ Million

Chips shipped to-date by indie

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Top OEMs Globally

All of the top OEMs globally, utilize indie devices

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Fast Growth

Expanding Automotive Portfolio

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Global Presence

Strong indie regional support

The indie culture

Our culture is deeply rooted in developing not just a working relationship with our employees but a familial one. We like to say “with indie you’ll never walk alone”, because, as a company, we are challenged together, we inspire and support each other, and we celebrate our successes as one.

Since our inception, indie’s ethos has been to create an atmosphere where it is fun to come to work, creativity can flourish, and employees of diverse cultures and backgrounds are mutually respected and appreciated. We firmly believe and trust in the ingenuity of our employees – and the deep partnerships we nurture and develop with our customers, suppliers and wider industry partners – to help indie remain a leader in the next generation of Autotech.

If you want to be part of a company that celebrates innovation, uniqueness, and passion, please explore our job opportunities today.

Our origin story

It all started with an idea. An idea that would bring exceptional automotive focus to a growing market and a team of people with the knowledge, drive, and ambition to realize this vision.

The company’s founders; Donald McClymont, Ichiro Aoki, Scott Kee, and David Kang, set out to bring the benefits of custom design to the users of microcontrollers, mixed-signal SoCs and software to create solutions that were uniquely optimized for specific applications.

indie continues to grow exponentially and has become an industry leader in Autotech, pushing the boundaries of design and possibility.

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Corporate responsibility and sustainability

We believe responsible and sustainable business practices support our long-term success. As a company, we are committed to protecting and supporting our people, our environment, and our communities. This commitment is reflected through our day-to-day activities, including adoption of socially responsible policies and procedures, our focus on fostering an inclusive workplace, our constant drive toward more efficient use of materials and energy, our careful management of our supply chain, our products which help enhance road safety, and our ethics and compliance program.

  • We seek to protect the human rights and civil liberties of our employees through policies, procedures, and programs that avoid risks of compulsory and child labor, both within our company and throughout our supply chain.
  • We foster a workplace of dignity, respect, diversity, and inclusion through our recruiting and advancement practices, internal communications, and employee resource groups.
  • We educate our employees annually on relevant ethics and compliance topics, publish accessible guidance on ethical issues and related company resources in our global Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, and encourage reporting of ethical concerns through any of several global and local reporting channels.
  • We innovate to reduce the energy used by our products, the energy used to manufacture them, and the amount of new materials required to manufacture them.

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) report

indie Semiconductor Environmental, social and corporate governance 2023

Download our Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) report to learn more about our corporate responsibilities and commitments.

To view our environmental declarations,
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