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You can learn from us. We can learn from you.
Together, our internship program brings out the best in all of us.

indie recognizes the creativity, fresh approach, and hunger for knowledge, that interns bring. Our program focuses on helping interns not only build upon their education but expand their horizons with exposure to real-world customer-based projects, deep-technical knowledge, and supportive mentorship. We provide hands-on training, guidance in a professional but fun environment, and experience within a fast-growing Autotech industry.

Interns will engage with indie’s global network of teams gaining experience with many cultures and departments with the opportunity to provide meaningful contributions that will help impact the business. As much as you can learn from us, we recognize that we can also learn from you. Apply today, and let’s start this journey together.

About our program

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Who is eligible?

Currently enrolled undergraduates (juniors and seniors) and graduate students in an accredited program with plans to return to school. Other requirements will vary by position and be clearly outlined in the job posting.

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How long is an internship?

Internships can be as short as 12 weeks or up to a year (or more). On average, Fall/Winter/Spring internships will run for four months. Summer internships will run for three months. Both options can be extended if the internship is successful. The length of the internship will be clearly outlined in the job posting.

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Are internships paid?

Yes. indie offers paid internships for full-time/active students currently enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree program within an accredited college or university.*

* Pay varies based on location.

What our program offers:

  • One-on-one Mentorship
  • Executive speakers’ series
  • Intern-focused networking and support
  • Access to state-of-the-art lab equipment, software, and hardware
  • End of internship showcase
  • Opportunity to plan and facilitate meetings with global teams
  • Letters of Recommendation*
  • Team get-togethers, give-back events, and much more!

*Based on request and where appropriate

Group photo of the indie interns.
Photo of a woman standing next to an indie Semiconductor sign.
Group photo of the indie interns.
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Hear what indie interns are saying about their experience!

Photo of Lukacs Mate of indie Semiconductor.

Máté Lukács

Starting internship: Analog Design

Location: Budapest, Hungary

I started my journey with indie Semiconductor in the Summer of 2020 as a Design Engineering Intern while pursuing my master’s in electrical engineering at Texas A&M University. With the COVID-19 restrictions in place, I started working remotely and was provided with a well-equipped home office.

During my internship, I worked on designing some of the challenging analog blocks in a power management unit.  As part of a small team, I was valued equally, and genuinely felt that I played a significant role in the company. indie is a fast-growing automotive chip manufacturer, and with it recently going public, I am confident that I will have challenging responsibilities, helping me to kickstart my career as a full-time Analog Design Engineer.

Photo of Bilkstis Arnas of indie Semiconductor.

Arnas Bilkstis

Starting internship: Analog Engineering (Summer Intern)

Full-time position: Analog Design Engineer

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

In 2016, I opened the door to the indie Scotland office an analog engineering summer intern. I had just finished my third year of Electronics & Electrical Engineering at the University of Edinburgh and was super-excited to get my first taste of the industry. I was met by a group of exceptional engineers but also — most importantly — very good people. During that summer, I learned more than ever before and I was very happy to come back the following year.

What excited me the most was the company culture at indie. Every single person in the office was happy to answer various questions that I had and help me as best as they could! Also, I really enjoyed the student-focused approach for the internship — I was given ample time to learn the tools and key analog design concepts.

In 2018, I joined indie as a full-time analog design engineer. Since then, the company has grown a lot, and while some things and people have changed, the company culture has remained the same. To anyone considering applying for an internship with indie, I could only say one thing: do it as soon as possible. We cannot wait to meet you and help you achieve your career goals!

Photo of Magda Kyra of indie Semiconductor.

Kyra Magda

Starting internship: Human Resources

Location: Aliso Viejo, CA

I love indie. I come to work each day and receive hands-on experience working in the human resource (HR) department. Everyone is really friendly, and I like learning in this environment. When I was offered an extension on my internship program, I was glad to continue my work here.

The best thing about my internship is the projects I receive. For example, I have learned how to use Paycom, and I enjoy managing the data as well as creating user guides; it makes me happy that I am a contributing member of the team. I am excited to master more HR principles so that I can be more productive and earn a deeper understanding of HR.

My future at indie excites me because I know that every day, I learn something new and I can apply those skills outside of indie. For any incoming interns, I want them to know that it’s normal to feel nervous, but you should believe in yourself, because there are a lot of people here that want you to succeed and will help you. Come join us!