indie Semiconductor is a pure-play automotive fabless semiconductor company.

Developing technology that supports best-in-class driver safety and automation, in-cabin user experience, accelerates electrification, and enables the pursuit of the uncrashable vehicle.

Redefining Driver Safety and Automation

Advancing highly integrated hardware and software solutions for ADAS and multimodal sensing.

Creating More Engaging
In-Cabin User Experiences

Enhancing the in-cabin user experience through dynamic lighting, personal device connectivity, and power delivery.

Accelerating Vehicle Electrification

Accelerating vehicle electrification with secure microprocessors, battery control and management, and smart vehicle control solutions.

What’s new?

Unlocking Mass-Market ADAS with AI-enabled Sensor Processing

The vision of the uncrashable car will require immense sensor and data collection of the ...

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Achieving Safety Through Sensing

To bring vehicle automation to the next level, designers seek next-generation ADAS solutions. This article examines tradeoffs for sensor options like LiDAR and looks at sensing system architecture.

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indie Reports First Quarter 2024 Results

indie announced first quarter results for the period ended March 31, 2024. Q1 revenue was up 29% YoY to $52.4M with Non-GAAP gross margin of 50.3%.

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Distracted Driver Awareness Month

Distracted driving at 55 mph for five seconds is the same as driving with your eyes closed the length of a football field. Let that sink in.

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