Photo of an electric vehicle that's currently on charge.

Accelerating Vehicle Electrification

In recent years, automotive electrification has experienced rapid adoption as manufacturers improve user control, comfort, and experience by electrifying previously mechanical or manual functions. At the same time, green initiatives and regulations are driving consumers to seek more sustainable, decarbonized transportation through the electrification of vehicle drivetrains.

Today, even the most basic vehicles offer electric windows, seat positioning and mirror adjustment, while premium and luxury vehicles are offering enhanced electrified functions such as seat massage, motorized air conditioning control and adjustment, and even soft-closing door control. In addition, the deployment of small form factor sensors with wireless technology enables convenience features such as digital key access and tire pressure monitoring. All of this is leading to the redevelopment of drivetrain platforms by manufacturers, with a focus on electrical and electronic architectures enabling vehicle electrification.

As manufacturer drivetrain platforms evolve towards fully electrified, the vehicle electrical and electronic architecture redefinition is creating a virtuous cycle for the electrification of otherwise manual or mechanical control and comfort functions.

As a result, modern vehicles are packed with multiple semiconductor components and silicon chips, from powerful microprocessors to innovative power management devices. It is estimated that the average modern car contains around 1,500 semiconductors* while, by their very nature, electric vehicles can have double or more.

indie is at the leading edge of mixed-signal solutions that address the demands and challenges of increased vehicle electrification. We are developing microprocessors that incorporate high levels of built-in security for body and chassis control functions, integrated power management and small motor control solutions, and battery management technology for evolving vehicle electronics architectures.

* Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders

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