Our Commitment to Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

June 26, 2023

Our Commitment to Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

by Donald McClymont, indie Semiconductor CEO and Co-Founder

Whether it’s addressing the global challenges of climate change, supply chain security or ensuring the well-being of employees, partners and local communities, companies have an obligation to go beyond simply meeting the needs of their customers. And I believe it has never been more important to actively demonstrate how those responsibilities are being fulfilled in the areas of environmental sustainability, social commitments, and corporate governance at indie.
We have long recognized the importance of being a good ‘corporate citizen’, which is why our business is run in accordance with the provisions of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG). Indeed, I am confident that our approach to these practices is as world-class as the advanced automotive semiconductor solutions we develop.

In our 2023 Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) report, we are pleased to share details and examples of our commitment to ESG with respect to our technologies, operations, processes, and behaviors.

indie’s positive contribution to sustainability derives both from the products we develop and the way in which we run our global operations.

Our innovative technologies, for example, allow manufacturers to deliver more environmentally sustainable vehicles by accelerating electrification, supporting more efficient operation and reducing size, weight and complexity. The result is that, by 2030, our ICs have the potential to contribute to a global CO2 reduction of emissions equivalent to the emissions of 13 million round-trip transatlantic flights, annually.

At the same time, our fabless operating model (built around partnerships with companies that share our ESG priorities) and specific global and locally-specific initiatives ensure we minimize water and energy use, while our waste management processes are optimized for long-term sustainable consumption and production.

When it comes to our social commitments, we are an equitable opportunity employer that understands how the exceptional skills, diverse backgrounds, and broad range of experiences of the 800+ global employees comprising the indie family, are fundamental to our success as an innovator of semiconductor and software solutions for the automotive sector.

The importance we place on diversity is reflected by two internal initiatives – our Global Inclusion Diversity and Equity (GIDE) council and the Global League of Opportunities for Women (GLOW).

The GIDE council is the ‘voice of diversity’ at indie and is responsible for deciding and driving the company’s diversity and inclusion efforts. GLOW, which is run by and for our incredibly talented female employees, operates with the aim of supporting personal and professional progression and hosts a number of women-focused events that promote the opportunities that indie’s inclusive work environment can offer. Meanwhile, attractive benefits, options for personal development and education, and a dynamic work environment all contribute to attracting and retaining staff and play a role in a culture that is built on core values of honesty, respect for others, teamwork, and integrity. Our belief that together we all rise and that nobody should walk alone means we address challenges together, we inspire and support each other, and we celebrate our successes as one.

Of course, social responsibilities go beyond the company itself and, as good corporate citizens, we must make a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate. That’s why we actively encourage our teams all over the world to get involved with initiatives ranging from Earth Day beach clean-ups and support for universities in the U.S., Germany, United Kingdom, and Argentina, to charity food donations and collections of toys for underprivileged children.

indie’s approach to governance is driven by a strong leadership team that understands how to run fast-growing companies while maintaining the highest oversight standards. From ethics programs and codes of conduct to internal audits, these experienced individuals have put in place rigorous procedures and processes that ensure full compliance with local and international regulations and best-practice decision-making and risk management.

What’s more, we hold our suppliers, partners, and other stakeholders to the same levels of accountability as we do ourselves. This is why, for example, we have a written Supplier Social Responsibility Agreement that encompasses not only the products and services we procure but also the human rights, ethics, and social practices of our partners.

I am immensely proud of the teams across indie that contribute on a daily basis to deliver on our ESG commitments. I am also pleased to share our 2023 ESG report, where you can read in greater detail about our efforts to support and drive ESG engagements and culture at indie.

We recognize there is always more we can do. Just as we are continuously innovating and enhancing our semiconductor solutions, we are proactively evolving and improving our ESG activities, policies, and procedures.