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With electric vehicles benefitting from higher performance (horsepower and range), compelling long-term economics (decreased battery prices, lower lifetime maintenance and ownership costs), broader availability of charging stations and more stringent emissions regulations, the move toward electric vehicles is accelerating.


In fact, some industry analysts forecast the demand for global electric vehicles to grow at a 29 percent compound annual growth rate over the next 10 years, with total annual vehicle sales increasing from 2.5 million in 2020 to 31.1 million by 2030, representing almost one third of all new car production.


indie has extensive experience in developing innovative semiconductor solutions that are directly powered from the car’s battery.  The same core know-how makes us ideally suited to partner with our customers to create high efficiency products such as charging controllers and diagnostic solutions for next generation electrical vehicles.  In addition, our ADAS, User Experience and Connectivity platforms can also be leveraged.


For more information about our innovative product roadmap and other indie products, please contact us at info@indiesemi.com.