indie designs and manufactures customized integrated circuits. Based on our extensive proprietary library of pre-approved analog and digital subsystems, indie will specify, design and manufacture a device that is a perfect fit for your application.



Despite the wide range of microcontrollers available in the market, it’s unusual to find exactly what you’re looking for. This is because microcontroller manufacturers attempt to design their products to appeal to as broad a range of customers as possible, so their designs are always a compromise. In most cases, a microcontroller will be missing some key components and functions that a given design needs. Or a design team that was initially pleased to find a device that appeared to do everything they needed will discover that it consumes too much power or costs a lot more than they were expecting, because it also contains significant functionality their design does not require. Most design teams accept this situation and either build the additional necessary functionality onto their PCB in the form of additional devices and circuitry or live with higher costs/power. 

Part of the reason for their acceptance is that the ideal alternative - creating their own perfect chip - is not something that seems realistic. Although most designers know about ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) design, they assume it would be too expensive or take too long.


indie was set up to help customers solve this problem. indie has developed a design and manufacturing methodology that uses microcontroller cores together with a library of analog and digital blocks of IP (Intellectual Property) which have been proven in silicon and can be stitched together quickly and easily. The blocks are high quality and already used in volume production, so they are already field proven. As many of our applications are Automotive, the blocks are designed with automotive requirements in mind, including the necessary quality standards. Customers benefit by getting the perfect chip, fully optimized for their application. indie’s methodology means that this can be achieved in a very short time and at world-class cost.


  • Application needs the benefits of a 32-bit ARM-based processor, such as performance and code space, but needs the costs of an 8- or 16-bit approach.

  • Application has significant constraints on power or space. A highly optimized solution is therefore required, but no standard products exist that fit well enough.

  • Designer is looking to integrate multiple devices into one. It may be to save power, space or cost but more frequently it's for all three.

  • Application needs to interface to a special sensor and the designer is looking for the optimal method to get the results needed.


indie’s methodology is based on our library of proven IP and the ASSPs we are shipping in volume today - this is our starting point for your new design. Required customer features are added, unnecessary features are removed to give an optimal result. Any additional technology is developed and added as needed. indie's proprietary methodology ensures time and cost are optimized. We use a multi-die approach in most of our devices, allowing us optimum choice of process technology without increasing NRE (Non-Recurring Engineering) charges to levels which most applications could not support.

The advances in SIP (System in Package) technologies driven by the mobile consumer industry have caused pricing for this approach to fall to the point where the total cost is as attractive as the traditional monolithic approach and we leverage this to offer customization at the device level.

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