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As part of the move towards making transportation more personal, OEMs are creating vehicle cabins equipped to improve passenger experiences with lighting, personal device connectivity and charging. In addition, the trend to increase the automation capabilities of cabin comfort functions such as seating and air control, is requiring greater intelligence in sensing and actuating, significantly contributing to the fast-growing semiconductor content in vehicles.

LED lighting, for example, is rapidly becoming a defining element in the overall automotive user experience and brand identification, compelling car manufacturers to deploy sophisticated lighting solutions that blend elements of both comfort and safety.

The ability to safely connect and charge personal devices inside the vehicle is also on the rise, with drivers and passengers expecting multiple connectivity and charging capabilities.

Today, indie offers a comprehensive suite of lighting, connectivity and charging solutions at compelling cost points, with a roadmap for next generation devices.

With the development of ADAS and autonomous driving, there will be a need to further enhance the cabin experience in a way that does not compromise safety.  For example, Driver and Occupancy Monitoring systems (DMS/OMS) will need to monitor occupant user activities while driving to maintain maximum safety at any given time. Drivers will expect interior lighting to help identify safety issues and present warnings.

indie is partnering with industry leaders to deliver many of these next generation in-cabin user experience solutions.

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All indie products are designed to meet stringent AEC-Q100 automotive requirements and manufactured in IATF16949-certified production facilities.

Redefining the Future of In-Cabin Lighting

The versatility of LED lighting is changing the way we look at automotive lighting applications. Their small form factor, power efficiency, and high luminescence are reimagining lighting for both interior and exterior applications, enhancing safety, and transforming the vehicle in-cabin experience.
Read our whitepaper, Redefining the Future of In-Cabin Lighting, and learn how indie's power-efficient LED lighting solutions are rising to the demands of automotive innovation.

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