indie specializes in automotive semiconductor solutions integrating functions for sensing, processing, controlling and communicating into a single device.



Any designer of electronics systems envisages their ideal system as being built around the perfect, custom chip – one completely optimized to the system’s needs. In a perfect world, it would contain the optimum functionality: maximizing integration to reduce cost, power and size, and at the same time maximizing reliability, manufacturability and IP protection.

All too often, designers can’t afford – either for cost or time reasons - to develop such chips. Instead they are forced to compromise and rely on solutions based on existing, off-the-shelf products. indie’s unique methodology delivers custom chips in a timescale and at cost and volume points that have never before been possible.


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The indie semiconductor library coupled with in-house top-level assembly techniques, allows customized devices to be generated in a short time, thus allowing a low design cost. This in turn enables indie to offer devices for projects with volumes which could otherwise only be served by standard, off-the-shelf, low-integration catalogue products.

Available blocks in our library include; short-range RF links, high voltage power management, battery management circuits, low power sensor interfaces, high voltage switching, motor control, LCD driver, LED driver, various user interfaces, and basic building blocks such as ADC, DAC, operational amplifiers, voltage references and comparators.

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