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Our Commitment to Quality

At indie, we strive to identify our customer’s current and future needs, meet stringent requirements for automotive quality and functional safety, and focus on continuous improvements to achieve zero defects in our solutions. To that end, we have developed a robust quality management system and adhere to high-quality standards in every facet of our product development cycle.

Through our commitment to quality and due diligence, indie has maintained ISO 9001: 2015 certification since 2019. Further, we are committed to achieving the International Automotive standard IATF 16949: 2016 and Functional Safety standard ISO 26262: 2018 certifications in the near future.

Quality is the responsibility of everyone in the organization. We recognize the importance of quality for both ourselves, our suppliers, and our customers.

Samar Aoun
Vice President, Quality


As part of our commitment, we have

  • Integrated Quality Management System
    Quality is built into every facet of our product development cycle and is the responsibility of everyone in the organization.

  • Supplier Quality Monitoring
    Collaboration and monitoring with our suppliers to ensure a quality development process.

  • Sustainable and Responsible Product Development
    We observe sustainable product development practices that may have social, environmental, and legal impacts, in a responsible manner.


Our product qualification consists of compliance testing using AEC-Q100, JEDEC, and other international standards for device qualifications, wafer technology qualifications, and Package technology qualifications.

FuSa Mission Statement

indie Semiconductor builds upon strong quality standards and is committed to delivering world-class products that adhere to internationally recognized functional safety standards.



Through a rigorous review process, indie has achieved the following certifications.

ISO 9001