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Principal Embedded Firmware Engineer

Job Overview:

Do you enjoy working in a creative fast-growing entrepreneurial environment? With indie you´ll never walk alone! We value our team high and pursue excellence for our employees and customers!

Indie Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in the design of innovative mixed-signal System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions for automotive applications.

Our design team develops custom and standard SoC solutions for automotive applications which integrate advanced digital ICs (Arm®Cortex® MCUs and/or DSP) with mixed-signal devices into a single System-in-Package (SiP). The mixed signal can include power management, RF, high voltage as well as high speed convertors allowing us to provide complete solutions to our international customer base.

You will join a small team of highly competent engineers involved in the design, implementation and verification of firmware for embedded systems targeting automotive driver assistance system (ADAS) applications. You will architect, design, implement and support firmware modules and sample applications. You will also support the hardware SOC design team’s pre-silicon verification and application engineering group’s customer-facing demonstration platforms. This is an excellent opportunity for a talented and motivated firmware developer to join a growing team of engineers who strive to solve automotive problems.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Writing hardware abstraction layer drivers for communication peripherals common in automotive systems, especially Ethernet, SPI, CAN and LIN.

  • Writing firmware for handling data and control traffic over UDP, TCP and PTP protocols commonly used in automotive Ethernet.

  • Implementing memory-efficient light-weight RTOS such as FreeRTOS and Contiki on ARM Cortex M and R series processors.

  • Prototyping firmware systems in pre-silicon stages using FPGA or simulation platforms to have code ready for silicon bringup on day 1.

  • Writing software documentation, and presenting it to peers and management cogently.


With us you must love working within a small entity where everyone makes a difference to the company success. Creativity, Ownership and Excellence we value high.

These are the skills and know how an ideal candidate would bring. We understand that nobody is perfect! After all, your new job should challenge you and you should have the possibilities to grow.

  • Education and experience levels: Ph.D. + 3 years, M.S. + 5 years, Bachelor's + 7 years, from a leading science/engineering university program.

  • Mastery of embedded concerns such as real-time budgeting, memory fragmentation, calling conventions, re-entrancy, boot-strapping, scatter-gather, DMA, CRT library.

  • Prior experience with C-based device driver and RTOS on ARM Cortex M and R series MCUs.

  • Familiarity with code quality standards such as MISRA C and AUTOSAR.

  • Expert level understanding of version control, release management, continuous integration and unit testing.

  • Experience with industry standard debug/trace using Segger, Lauterbach or equivalent.

  • Familiarity with using lab equipment such as an oscilloscope and a logic analyzer during silicon bringup and debug.

  • Experience in from-scratch new product development.

  • Preferred experience in qEMU, CAN, Layer 2 and Layer 3 IP networking, TrustZone, Functional Safety as well as embedded networking such as lwip or equivalent.

Work Location: Aliso Viejo or San Jose (California), USA; Edinburgh, UK

HR Contact:

Human Resource Department

Telephone: 949-608-0854

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