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indie appoints its first distributor

indie is pleased to announce the appointment of our first distributor. Chip 1 Exchange is a global, fast-growing  component distributor and indie was interested particularly in their strong focus on quality and service. In turn Chip 1 Exchange was looking for a semiconductor supplier that could provide a truly differentiated solution for their customer’s silicon requirements, and they feel that indie fills that need.

indie’s EVP Sales and Marketing, Paul Hollingworth, commented, “For the first few years of our existence, indie’s business was about customized microcontrollers for individual customers. Since we started using our technology to build a standard product business as well, we need to scale our access for customers and distribution is the right channel. Chip 1 Exchange has some good lines and a great team and we think that together we’ll be able to support designers across the globe.”

Director of Business Development Ed Pusatera of Chip 1 Exchange added, “In an increasing connected world, device manufacturers often struggle to keep up with their customers’ demand for new features.  indie Semiconductor’s novel approach to enabling IoT connectivity aligns perfectly with Chip 1’s core strength – engaging with engineering teams in the embryonic stages of design where we can bring the most value to the table. We are very excited about the enormous potential this partnership brings to our customers and to our respective companies.”

Chip 1 Exchange is one of the world’s largest hybrid distributors. We are franchised for the important technologies that drive today’s rapidly growing market segments. Chip 1 specializes in the distribution of electronic components for medical, automotive, industrial, defense, security, mobile computing and aerospace applications. From off the shelf standard electronic products to full custom solutions, we desire our customers to enjoy a one-stop-shopping experience. Additionally, Chip 1 has the influence and experience to solve our customer’s requirements as well as help them with EOL, shortage and obsolete products. Our goal is to continue rapid growth with the addition of several strategic new franchised product lines and to become a top ten distributor in the next ten years.

indie Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor company designing and manufacturing mixed-signal custom and standard-product microcontrollers. Compared with the established players in the market, indie’s focus is to build chips that contains exactly the feature set required by the customer and application. The chips are typically ARM Cortex-M series based and replace a PCB containing multiple devices. indie’s specialty is the ability to integrate, along with the microcontroller core itself, analog sub-systems, such as RF transceivers, low- and high-voltage power management circuitry and sensor interfaces.


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