Job Code | #189

Business Development Manager Europe (TeraXion)


Dresden, Germany

Job Overview:

Do you enjoy working in a creative fast-growing entrepreneurial environment? With indie you´ll never walk alone! We place high value on our teams and pursue excellence for our employees and customers!

indie is an Autotech solutions innovator. We focus on edge sensors spanning multiple modalities including LiDAR, radar, ultrasound and vision for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), autonomous vehicles, connected car, user experience and electrification applications.

TeraXion, an indie Semiconductor company, is a well-established company in the market for over 21 years and since 2021 part of the indie Semiconductor group. You will work for TeraXion with its headquarter in Quebec City, Canada, but will be employed with our indie entity in Germany, indie semiconductor Germany GmbH. Remote work is possible!

Our photonic components are sold worldwide and are designed and manufactured right in Quebec City.

Do you enjoy to work in an innovative high-tech company? Would you like to have the chance to hone your skills in optics and photonics by collaborating on a variety of projects with colleagues who are passionate about their work? This is exactly what TeraXion can offer you!

We are looking for a collaborator that could be based in Europe to join our product management and business development team, that will use your extended network of contacts and reputation to open doors for TeraXion in advanced manufacturing.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Identify opportunities to develop new solutions and products with high added value in advanced manufacturing through its deep understanding of the concerns, issues and needs of the end user;

  • Feeds product line managers with industry problems that demand innovative fiber laser solutions and products;

  • Lead internal reviews of industry problems, industry trends and growth opportunities in advanced manufacturing;

  • Contributes to the marketing effort including participation in trade shows, generation and delivery of marketing content and active networking;

  • Is a major contributor to the business development effort, towards new solutions, products and growth opportunities;

  • Contributes to develop business strategies for the advanced manufacturing market;

  • Contributes to validate the commercial attractiveness of new solution and product ideas in exploratory projects;

  • Coordinates and drives in-depth market analyses to provide guidance and support to product line managers in the elaboration of their roadmaps;

  • Coordinates competitive intelligence and contributes to develop TeraXion’s competitive strategy;

  • Keeps the sales team informed of new leads and documents these in the CRM;

  • Interact with product line managers and executive management to align strategic priorities.

Job Requirements:

With us, you must love being part of an organization where everyone makes a difference and contributes to the company's success. Creativity, Ownership and Excellence are what we value.

These are the skills and know how an ideal candidate would bring. We understand that nobody is perfect! After all, your new job should challenge you and you should have the possibilities to grow.

With us you must love working within a small entity where everyone makes a difference to the company success. Creativity, Ownership and Excellence we value high.

These are the skills and know how an ideal candidate would bring. We understand that nobody is perfect! After all, your new job should challenge you and you should have the possibilities to grow.

  • Master or PhD in physics or other relevant field;

  • 10+ years of relevant experience;

  • Strong technical background and recognized as an expert in advanced manufacturing;

  • MBA, an asset;

  • You have entries among dominant players as well as rising stars in the advanced manufacturing industry;

  • Deep knowledge of your market;

  • Strong analytical skills and ability to understand the many interrelated parts and constraints of the business;

  • Entrepreneurial skills and interests;

  • Recognized for your strong judgment, work ethic and integrity;

  • Structured work and thought, autonomous, well-organized and results-oriented;

  • Open minded, naturally inclined to build and nurture relationships;

  • Demonstrated aptitudes for teamwork and communication;

  • Fluency in English language;

  • Excellent written and verbal communicator.


Human Resource Department

Telephone: 949-608-0854