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indie’s internship program is designed for driven individuals who are looking for hands-on, real-world job experience with guidance and mentorship. Our program focuses on expanding skill sets, building upon education, and providing professional support within the autotech industry. Interns will engage with actual customer projects, both in the lab and with indie’s global teams, with the opportunity to provide meaningful contributions to new software development, product designs, and more.

Internship opportunities are available year round, with flexible scheduling and an in-office hybrid work environment. 

Our internship program offers:

  • Hands-on, real-world experience

  • Ability to learn and expand professional skill sets

  • Participation in problem solving and networking

Current Internship Opportunities

  • Staff Design Validation and Test (DVT), Aliso Viejo, CA

  • Software Test Engineer, Aliso Viejo, CA

  • Sales Operations, Aliso Viejo, CA (Remote)

Hear what indie interns are saying about their experience!


DVT Internship to Full-time DVT Engineer

I began my internship at indie in February 2021 as a design, validation, and test (DVT) engineer while working towards my master’s in electrical engineering and computer science at the University of California, Irvine. My internship focused on wireless charging, and though there was a lot I did not understand at first, over the course of the internship I learned key skills and concepts and found the work to be enjoyable and the project very interesting.


In June 2021, I became a full-time employee as a DVT engineer. The thing that excites me most about my future at indie is the ability to grow within my position. My goal is to move on to integrated circuit (IC) design and indie is very supportive of my career path and professional development.


My biggest recommendation for incoming and future interns at indie is to work hard and persevere. During any internship you will come across a lot of things you are unfamiliar with or don’t know how to do. Don’t be afraid to take the time to learn and research what you are working on to help yourself succeed. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to rely on your colleagues for clarity!

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