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Foundry and Reliability Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

Foundry Support

  • Provide support to Designers in interpreting information contained in Process Design Kits (PDK).

  • Act as a liaison between Indie personnel and wafer fab suppliers in foundry-related inquiries.

  • Monitor WAT data from the fab periodically for non-compliances and anomalies.

  • Review Process Change Notifications (PCN) originating from wafer fab suppliers.

  • Review instances of manufacturing excursions and disruptions.

  • Create corner lot plans by researching device types in use and feasibility from wafer fab.

  • Provide technical advice in creating a PFMEA regarding foundry manufacturing operation, and work with the foundry to gather any necessary information.

  • Provide technical advice to product and quality engineering team in dispositioning affected materials, root causing the problems, in formulating corrective actions for the wafer fab suppliers regarding WAT anomalies, fab excursions, and fab disruptions.

  • Keep PDK related documentations in the company intranet up to date.


Reliability Support

  • Estimate lifetime of a product based on its mission profile, the foundry’s lifetime study, and other pertinent information.

  • Estimate parametric drift of specific devices upon request by Designers.

  • Create and maintain aging-related design guidelines, and lifetime and parametric drift calculators.

  • Evaluate and recommend HTOL stress condition based on silicon aging models.

  • Evaluate and recommend OVST stress conditions based on silicon aging models.

  • Evaluate and recommend Temperature Cycle and HAST conditions based on package aging models.

  • Evaluate and recommend ESD and Latch-up test conditions.

  • Evaluate HAST and HTOL board design and stress plan for proper application of stress.

  • Provide technical advice in resolving reliability-related device failures from the field or product qualification.

Key Qualifications: 

  • 3+ years of experience in fabless semiconductor foundry or reliability engineering,

  • Or 3+ years of wafer fab integration or yield engineering,

  • Or 5+ years of product engineering NPI experience

  • BS/MS in Electrical Engineering or Physics.

  • Fluent in Excel, ANOVA, confidence intervals, and curve-fitting.

  • Basic knowledge of semiconductor reliability mechanisms and models

  • Ability to interpret Weibull survival and log-normal drift plots

  • Basic knowledge of semiconductor device operations

  • Basic knowledge of silicon processing integration, equipment, and in-line monitoring parameters.

  • Experience interfacing and negotiating with suppliers

  • Fact-based, decision making skills with focus on root cause analysis. 


Work Location: 

  • Aliso Viejo, California, USA

HR Contact:

Human Resource Department

Telephone: 949-608-0854

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