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Digital IC Design Senior Staff Engineer (Edinburgh)

Job Overview:

Do you enjoy working in a creative fast-growing entrepreneurial environment? With indie you´ll never walk alone! We place high value on our teams and pursue excellence for our employees and customers!

Indie Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in the design of innovative mixed-signal System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions for automotive applications.

Our design team develops custom and standard SoC solutions for automotive applications which integrate advanced digital ICs (Arm®Cortex® MCUs and/or DSP) with mixed-signal devices into a single System-in-Package (SiP). The mixed signal can include power management, RF, high voltage as well as high speed convertors allowing us to provide complete solutions to our international customer base.

You will be responsible for managing and executing all activities associated with design, integration, verification and maintenance of digital IPs integrated in IC used in the area of embedded microcontroller-based system solutions. The IC design responsibilities will include building digital components based on customer application specific requirements or IP standards and support the team to complete the design including top level integration, physical design support (constraints and gate level verification). Finally, you must be able to validate and debug the IP on silicon.

Key Responsibilities:


  • Own large IP which is key to a specific application/chip.

  • Work closely with the architecture team to review specifications and architecture to optimize the design implementation.

  • Write RTL to implement digital IP based on a design specification.

  • Write implementation document of the digital IP.

  • Develop block level test bench, test cases, reference model and coverage model to check basic functionality of the design.

  • Work in integration of digital IP at the chip level.

  • Run RTL and gate level functional verification, debug failures, manage bug tracking, and analyze and close coverage.

  • Run synthesis and STA of the digital IP. Work with Synthesis/PnR engineer to solve issues related to the digital IP physical implementation.

  • Work with FW engineer for the integration of the digital IP functionality at the system level in the application.

  • Support application engineer in the debug of the digital IP on the silicon.

  • Report progress to the team leader on a regular basis.

Main Requirements:

With us, you must love being part of an organization where everyone makes a difference and contributes to the company's success. Creativity, Ownership and Excellence are what we value.

These are the skills and know how an ideal candidate would bring. We understand that nobody is perfect! After all, your new job should challenge you and you should have the possibilities to grow.

  • Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering.

  • At least 5 years of digital design experience.

  • Develop RTL (Verilog), timing constraints, and detailed documentation.

  • Support synthesis, STA, and logic equivalency checks. Implement ECOs.

  • RTL & gate level simulations.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of designing digital blocks using Verilog code.

  • Demonstrated knowledge in CPU architecture (preferably ARM), communications peripherals, multi-domain clocking, bus and interconnect structures and power management.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of digital circuit simulation tools and front-end environments, particularly Cadence based.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of lab equipment tools such a logic analyzer, in particular demonstrate proficiency working with USB standard based products.

  • Demonstrated Knowledge of silicon process technologies and its associated library kits.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of revision control systems.

  • Programming in ruby, python, perl languages.

  • Excellent communication skills.



Edinburgh, UK/Scotland

HR Contact:

Human Resource Department

Telephone: 949-608-0854

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