indie designs and manufactures customized integrated circuits. Based on our extensive proprietary library of pre-approved analog and digital subsystems, indie will specify, design and manufacture a device for your application.



indie is very flexible and can engage with customers in a number of different ways. The three brief descriptions below cover the main models we use.

Type 1: Standard Products

This is the simplest engagement model and is just like buying a standard product from any other vendor. We have products and we have channels you can buy them from. For higher volumes, you pay less per unit. Some people buy a few units and never get beyond prototyping. Others find that the price/performance of our standard products is exactly what they need and will buy a few hundred thousand. We’re fine with either (well, to be honest, we do actually have a preference…)

Type 2: Modified/Enhanced Products

Frequently a customer will look at our library of standard products and say “Yes, that’s almost exactly what I want, except I really need two UARTs instead of one and I also need some additional high-voltage I/Os”, or something like that. We can easily create versions of our products with minor modification and although there are engineering and minimum volume requirements, we can typically do it very quickly and at low cost. Contact us if you’re interested in this option.

Type 3: Custom Products

When there’s no product that is close enough to the perfect fit for your application, then it’s time to consider a custom chip. indie’s methodology of reuse allows us to take completed blocks and chips and use them as starting points, greatly reducing time-to-market, cost and risk. We can usually design a new chip within 9 months, including prototype manufacture. Customers will often choose this option when space, power or unit cost are particular constraints and we’re always happy to discuss and find you the best option for success. Contact us if you’re interested in this option.

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