indie designs and manufactures customized integrated circuits. Based on our extensive proprietary library of pre-approved analog and digital subsystems, indie will specify, design and manufacture a device that is a perfect fit for your application.



indie isn’t just called indie. We’re independent of any foundry, we’re independent financially and we’re not tied to any particular approach – our goal is to deliver the perfect chip to fit a customer’s application and we look a multiple ways to achieve that without necessarily being tied to any one method. We’re also independent thinkers and we’re different in how we deal with customers.

  • We look for long-term, win-win solutions for customer engineering challenges. Our goal isn’t necessarily more customers, it’s deeper relationships where we can be more useful over time

  • Our design leads and architects engage directly with our customer’s engineers so you are talking to our best guys – they’re not hidden away in backrooms somewhere

  • We will not obsolete products. A concern customers often have is how long they will be able to buy a product for. What it they need it for 10+ years? indie will continue to ship as long as a customer wants to buy

  • We look to have fun while we are working

  • We make quick decisions and have (almost!) no bureaucracy


Engineering: indie is, first and foremost, an engineering company. Our founders are all engineers, our management team all have engineering backgrounds and so do our customers. We speak Engineering and we have a broad vocabulary and excellent grammar skills in it.

System Architecture: At indie, we work to create the optimal chip for a customer’s application. This means that your engineers work directly with our architecture experts, who can frequently suggest concepts to improve a system, even while reducing cost further. Customers often state that it’s a big differentiation from the standard-product suppliers, where they never get to talk to the actual architecture and chip design team.

IC Design: Manufacturing high volumes of chips is all about doing the design right and we have world-class IC designers who have worked on some exceptionally challenging designs. Sometimes the challenge is performance, such as class-leading RF performance. But other times it’s power management and enabling a battery life for a wireless sensor of 10+ years. Sometimes it’s cost-reduction and squeezing the last square millimeter out of the design. But usually, as our designers will tell you, it’s all of those at once. Oh, and doing it really quickly and with no mistakes.

Program Management: Engineering projects are complex and requirements change, often at short notice. indie prides itself on its ability to manage change and handle it with minimal disruption. Many of our repeat customers have commented that our flexibility in accepting late changes and our speed of execution sets us apart.

Operations: We ship tens of millions of chips per year to the most demanding automotive tier one customers in the world. Our operations organization is setup specifically to allow us to scale for years to come.

Quality: Our customers manufacture their systems based on our chips. If the chips don’t work, neither do the systems, so quality is vital. We understand this and our experienced Operations team work tirelessly to drive yields up and FIT rates and DPM levels down and if you want to know more about that, we’ll lock you in a room with them until you’ve had enough.

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