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Vehicles today are increasingly equipped with telematics to transmit data to remote or cloud-based data centers, enabling a host of features that enhance safety, track vehicles and help improve fuel efficiency or battery range.  Accessing data from the in-vehicle network via the OBD2 port is a key requirement, but the lack of standardization across brands has made this difficult. Today, our OnBrD™ solution, a versatile interface device, addresses this need by delivering reliable diagnostics and telematics across multiple vehicle platforms.

However, with next generation driver-assisted and fully autonomous vehicles, the volume of diagnostic and sensor-based telemetry data will expand by orders of magnitude, further raising questions about safety and liability.  Drivers increasingly want, and regulatory bodies around the world are starting to mandate, data acquisition devices for vehicles, sometimes referred to as “event recorders” or “black boxes”.

These devices will capture anonymized vehicle driving and sensor data. Their findings will enable detailed analysis of accident details and help the evolution of automotive engineering requirements for autonomous driving. This is in addition to the established benefits of fleet management and individual security that early, more basic systems are beginning to generate.


indie is partnering with industry leaders to address this need and deliver advanced, highly integrated telemetry and connectivity solutions that will support next generation vehicles.

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All indie products are designed to meet stringent AEC-Q100 automotive requirements and manufactured in IATF16949-certified production facilities.

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