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Optimized Mixed Signal SiPs for Automotive

indie specializes in mixed-signal System-In-Package (SiP) solutions for automotive applications. Our SiP solutions integrate advanced digital ICs (MCU and/or DSP) with mixed-signal devices into a single package, optimizing performance and improving reliability while reducing space, power and cost.

Digital Die

  • MCU, DSP, Flash, SRAM

  • Serial or Parallel I/F

  • Advanced Process Node

SIP Graphic.png

 Mixed Signal   Die 


Mixed Signal Die

  • Application Specific Blocks, Interfaces, Convertors, HV, PM Blocks, I/Os,

  • Serial or Parallel I/F

  • Mature Process Node

Innovative Interconnect

  • Can be optimized for highest performance or lowest cost

  • Serial or parallel depending on MCU core

  • Software transparent.

  • Scalable MCU/DSP/Flash/SRAM on advanced digital process node

  • Differentiated, proven Mixed Signal IP on optimal process node

  • Proprietary interface between chips can be optimized for high performance (low latency) or lowest cost

  • Transparent to software - programming model same as for single die

  • Integrated power management with direct connection to VBat

  • Better IP Protection, more difficult for competitors to benchmark

SIP_example 1.jpg
SIP_example 2.jpg

Side by Side Mounting​

  • Reduced number of suppliers

  • Reduced component count,  board space and usually fewer PCB layers

  • Improved manufacturability & reliability vs. discrete solution

  • Minimized power consumption

  • Designed for lowest system cost

  • Fast design time round due to re-use of proven IP and local technical support

  • PPAP, AEC-Q100 qualification & IATF16949 manufacturing

Stacked Mounting​

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