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Job Code | #536

Senior Failure Analysis Technician


Dresden, Germany

Job Overview:

Do you enjoy working in a creative fast-growing entrepreneurial environment? With indie you´ll never walk alone! We place high value on our teams and pursue excellence for our employees and customers!

indie is an Autotech solutions innovator. We focus on edge sensors spanning multiple modalities including LiDAR, radar, ultrasound and vision for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), autonomous vehicles, connected car, user experience and electrification applications.

As a Senior Failure Analysis Technician at indie, you will discover different types of failures in indie products and/or the application of customers balancing time, qualitative outcome and cost as input to define the right corrective actions.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Conduct hands-on laboratory work using state of the art non-destructive and/or destructive tools and methods for Inspection (optical, X-Ray, CSAM), electrical test (on Bench and Curve Tracing), IC decapping (physically or chemically), defect localization (LiT, EMMI, Obirch, …) and induce the characterization (FIB/SEM, EDX, …)

  • Work closely with national and international external laboratories

  • Ensure high quality and timely analysis of Failure Analysis requests including detailed reporting of failure analysis results to international customers (reporting in English)

  • Ensure that Failure Analysis equipment or Failure Analysis Hardware and Software are running smoothly (Tool ownership and Maintenance)

  • Ensure efficient communication with several stakeholders internally

  • Drive continuous improvement by adapting and implementing appropriate methods and equipment

Job Requirements:

With us, you must love being part of an organization where everyone makes a difference and contributes to the company's success. Creativity, Ownership and Excellence are what we value.

These are the skills and know how an ideal candidate would bring. We understand that nobody is perfect! After all, your new job should challenge you and you should have the possibilities to grow.

  • Bachelor or completed Technician degree in Micro – Electronics, Electronics or equal through experience

  • At least 8 years of working experience

  • Used to work with electrical equipment to drive IC’s (power supply, function      generator, …) and measure IC’s electrical behavior (I/U measurements,      oscilloscope, …)

  • Knowledge in soldering techniques as well as pick-and-place of PCBs

  • Preferably experience in PCB design (including ordering of self-designed PCBs)

  • Preferably knowledge/interest in Python programming and IC Design (gds.-reading SW)

  • Used to document work precisely

  • Fluency in English and German

We offer

  • a challenging job in a dynamic high-tech international environment

  • development of a new lab environment with most modern FA tools

  • the opportunity to take ownership of your professional passion in order to contribute to the success of the company

  • an enjoyable, team-oriented and professional atmosphere

  • opportunity to grow and learn from highly experienced FA experts


Human Resource Department

Telephone: 949-608-0854

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