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indie believes the next generation of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving technologies are revolutionizing the auto industry and making individual, public and commercial transportation safer, more sustainable and more personal.  


In order to reach this next stage, multiple “Moore’s Law” metrics must be attained to enhance sensing capabilities, deliver exceptional computational and perception performance, and achieve high levels of integration and efficiency, while simultaneously lowering costs.


This is indie’s expertise. We partner with key automotive players to leverage our mixed-signal, DSP, software and power management experience — combining increasingly application-specific semiconductors with sensor technologies such as photonics, RF antennas, imaging and ultrasound, in addition to advanced packaging — to create highly integrated, customized solutions.


indie is focused on leading this revolution by using disruptive techniques and technologies that will accelerate mass market deployments. Today, we are already shipping millions of ultrasound sensor solutions and are developing chips for LiDAR and radar sensing, computer vision and adaptive front lighting solutions, while investing in additional capabilities to further integrate and cost-reduce at the system level.


For more details, or information about these and other indie products, please contact us at


All indie products are designed to meet stringent AEC-Q100 automotive requirements and manufactured in IATF16949-certified production facilities.


Offering the ultimate spatial resolution, vision-based sensing has become critical for driver assistance safety systems, enabling functions such as lane detection, collision warning, vehicle localization, and detection of pedestrians, vehicles, road signs and obstacles.

indie is redefining perception-based vision processing by developing high-performance and differentiated semiconductor hardware and open software perception stacks. These solutions are designed to deliver scalable designs spanning internal driver and occupant monitoring systems (DMS, OMS) and high performance external computer vision systems while addressing the cost, power and form factor challenges that OEMs face.



TeraXion, an indie Semiconductor company, is a leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative, high-end components incorporating low noise lasers, Bragg gratings and integrated photonics. Our unique expertise makes us a partner of choice for OEMs and system vendors addressing the ultrafast, high-power laser, optical communications, fiber optics and optical remote sensing markets.

For more information about indie’s laser technologies supporting FMCW LiDAR, please visit



Symeo, an indie Semiconductor company, offers industry-leading mmWave technology, enabling real-time position detection and distance measurement. They specialize in radar hardware and software development for existing and emerging system applications in detection and safety.

For more information about indie's radar technologies supporting emerging automotive applications, please visit

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