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About Us

indie designs and manufactures customized integrated circuits. Based on our extensive proprietary library of pre-approved analog and digital subsystems, indie will specify, design and manufacture a device that is a perfect fit for your application.

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indie was founded by four engineers in 2007. Our previous company, Axiom Micro Devices, was built on research done by two of our founders for their Caltech PhDs. With it, Axiom successfully built the world’s first CMOS power amp for the cellphone market and shipped 250M units. Axiom was acquired by Skyworks and we decided to build another company, which would also produce chips in volume, but by solving a broader range of problems would fit a much wider range of applications. Initially called AyDeeKay, (a word built out of the initials of the founders), our first volume products, designed for Automotive applications, shipped in volume in 2010. We changed our name to indie in 2014 to reflect our independent and uniquely flexible approach.

We set out to bring the benefits of custom design to the users of microcontrollers in order to build chips that are perfectly optimized for each individual application.