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e8Sesame is part of indie’s HV/Automotive series of ARM M0-based microcontrollers. Clocking at up to 20MHz, the ARM M0 core integrates 160kB of flash RAM and 8kB of SRAM on die for feature-rich applications or applications requiring redundancy of data storage. It also integrates a superheterodyne ISM-band ASK receiver operating at 433MHz and with sensitivity performance of -110dBm. It is intended to support a wide array of applications including garage door openers and radio controlled industrial door and security systems as well as automotive alarm systems.

The iND83222 integrates multiple clocking options including a high accuracy (1%) 10MHz RC oscillator, low cost 3.58MHz XTAL oscillator, and low power (<1uA) 10kHz auxiliary clock. It also contains (3) 32 Bit timers, and a watchdog timer for high performance, low power designs.

e8Sesame also integrates multiple types of GPIOs. There are 6 high voltage (9-45V) GPIOs which can source 5mA or sink 25mA of current, 4 high voltage (9-45V) GPIOs which can sink 200mA in order to drive a relay coil and 12 low voltage (3.3V nominal) GPIOs.

iND83222 also has a 12 Bit PWM output and (2) 8-bit ADCs (SAR architecture) with 28 channels.


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