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The KamCho microcontroller family is a product line consisting of highly integrated 32-bit general purpose ARM M0-based microcontrollers, clocking at up to 20MHz.

KamCho-4P integrates 160kB of flash RAM and 8kB of SRAM on die for feature-rich applications or those requiring redundancy of data storage. It integrates multiple clocking options including a high accuracy (1%) 12MHz RC oscillator, 32kHz real-time clock, low power (<1uA) 10kHz auxiliary clock, and watchdog timer for high performance, low power designs.

This line of microcontroller products also integrates multiple peripherals. KamCho-4P is the 4-port version and has 31 general purpose I/O available to the user. Of these 31 I/O, 8 have the capability to drive high current for LED applications. There is also an additional I/O which is capable of driving 1A for IR LED applications.

The KamCho-4P chip integrates an 8-bit ADC (SAR architecture) with up to 31 input channels. There is also a bandgap reference on die which supports a temperature sense circuit.


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